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http://www.kenwood.com/i/products/info/ ... nload.html

The following features are updated.
1. In DV/DR mode, even when the radio cannot receive Original Radio Headers at the beginning of transmissions, the radio displays interrupt screens by using information of Alternative Radio Headers embedded in Data Frames.
Due to the difference of data structure between Original Radio Headers and Alternative Radio Headers, the interrupt screen information may differ in some cases.
The function works only when Alternative Radio Headers are embedded in Data Frames.
2. In the "Link to Reflector" screen, the radio is able to be set to "DCS" and "XRF" as well as "REF".

The following symptoms are revised.
1. The radio might reboot during audio recording.
2. Inputting a direct frequency may not be successfully completed.
3. The Tone Alert function may be activated in a non-data band.
4. Tone squelch might not be canceled in modes other than FM.
5. In DV/DR mode, speed data in received GPS Position information may not be converted correctly.
6. In DV/DR mode, Fast Data communication may fail depending on the transmission timing.
7. When the Tone function is On in FM mode, a beep tone sounds from a Bluetooth audio device (such as a headset or a speaker) at the end of received audio.


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