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InnleggSkrevet: 2008-02-01 11:29 

Registrert: 2006-05-29 11:49
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Scott Miller, utvikleren av OpenTracker og Tracker2 har funnet ut at man kan bruke Garmin Nuvi 350 sammen med Tracker2.
Dette er gode nyheter for mange.
I discovered something interesting today. Here I've been telling people
all along that the newer USB-only Garmin receivers like the Nuvi are
worthless for APRS. Turns out I was wrong.

When I heard about Garmin's fleet management interface, I decided it'd
be worth checking out. It needs a special cable, though - for the Nuvi
350 I picked up, it's Garmin p/n 010-10813-00. By the looks of it, it's
probably just got a level converter inside, but I'm not sure.
Apparently there's a serial interface of some sort that can share the
USB connector.

The fleet management protocol looked suspiciously like a subset of
Garmin's regular binary serial protocol, so (once I figured out the
cable pinouts and soldered on a DB9) I fired up the test program I'd
written, and sure enough, it spit out a list of supported protocols.

I plugged it straight into a stock Tracker2 and the activity light
started blinking green, showing a good fix. I piped in some recorded
APRS traffic and the map screen started showing APRS stations. Here are
some pictures I took (haven't tried the screen capture program yet):

Map screen (2D mode): http://n1vg.net/images/nuvi-map.jpg
Waypoint list: http://n1vg.net/images/nuvi-list.jpg
Station detail: http://n1vg.net/images/nuvi-detail.jpg

It's not perfect - the waypoint set is different, for one. You can see
that all of the cars are now up on lifts with the hood up! The digis do
show up as antenna towers, at least, and the houses are there. I'll
have to find out if it'll take custom symbols. Also, it seems to have
some quirks about showing waypoints at different zoom levels.

The Nuvi 350 has a USB port on the side and another one on the clip-on
base, so you can power it and plug it in to the tracker at the same
time. When I find out how the serial interface adapter works, I'll see
if I can power it from the tracker, or maybe vice versa. I'll also see
about a cheaper substitute for the cable - this one cost me $30 after
shipping. It probably wouldn't be hard to build an equivalent circuit
into a DB9 shell.

The bad news is that the OT2m is totally sold out right now. My only
two spares are going out for CE EMC certification shortly. The factory
producing the boards is snowed in right now and hasn't even been able to
get the parts for the next batch - DHL's had them sitting at the depot
for days. It'll probably be the end of February before I have any more.
The T2-135 is shipping, albeit slowly due to limited production
capability here.

Hopefully by the time the boards come in I'll have figured out all of
the Nuvi's quirks and dealt with them. I also hope to make some use of
the fleet management interface for some new features. Most importantly
- it does text messaging.


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InnleggSkrevet: 2008-05-14 17:10 

Registrert: 2006-05-29 11:49
Innlegg: 265
En liten oppdatering på denne:
Any of the models listed here will do messaging:

http://www8.garmin.com/solutions/pnd/su ... oducts.jsp

Not all will do waypoints, and the nüvi 350 is the only one we're sure
does them correctly, overwriting old waypoints rather than creating
duplicates when a station moves. I keep nagging Garmin about that, though.

If you're going to Dayton, stop by booths 303-305 for a demo.


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